Rodiles, Tazones y Ria de Villaviciosa

Rodiles Beach and Ría de Villaviciosa (2 kms away)

Picos de Europa, Lagos de Covadonga

The highest peaks of the Cantabrian Mountains are in this place where the legendary history of Asturias was conceived. The three main massifs of this natural wonder are limited by deep valleys and gorges, appeared before the eroding passage of the sharp tongues of ice of the glaciers and the force of the waters of the rivers that, even today, continue to shape their taste the stone, dissolving the limestone.

+ + Picos de Europa: Sotres, Panes, Arenas de Cabrales, Poncebos, Fuente Dé (Naranjo de Bulnes), the Cueva del Buxu, the Garganta del Cares, etc.

Covadonga: the reconquest

+ + Covadonga: Place of Asturian history and culture, with its famous Cave, its Basilica and the Lakes.

Oviedo and Gijón: the great cities of Asturias

Ribadesella and Llanes: Beaches

+ + Ribadesella: Port, beach and the Tito Bustillo Caves (cave paintings).

Nava: Cider Museum


Senderismo en Asturias, Rutas

+ + Sierra del Sueve: asturcones, Asturcón festivities, majada de les espineres.

+ + Museums :: Cider Museum (Nava), Mining Museum (El Entrego), Bagpipe Museum, Asturias Railway (Gijón), Asturias Jurassic Museum 15 min. of the apartments.

+ + Asturian Pre-Romanesque: San Salvador de Priesca (10th century) and San Salvador de Valdedios (El Conventín 9th century). Romanesque Art: San Juan de Amandi, the Monastery of Santa María (Valdedios), San Salvador de Fuentes, Santa María de Lugás, Santa Eulalia de Selorio (200m. From the hotel), Santa María de la Oliva (Villaviciosa)...

+ + The Coast of the dinosaurs: Careñes (Villaviciosa), Argüero (Villaviciosa), Oles (Villaviciosa), Tazones (Villaviciosa), Lastres (Colunga), Colunga, Torre (Ribadesella).

+ + Possibility of Active Tourism Activities in Nature.

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